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Adhesive and repairs
Repairs adhesives

Repairs adhesives


Repairs for boats, yatchs, leather and vinyl products and more.

Our products are all flexible as well as adhesive, and are designed to mend small rips, tears and holes on most types of vinyl and leather material.
Boat repair products made with our adhesives can assure you they will last longer as they are stronger than most original leather and vinyl repair products.
Marine adhesive items and repair products will not fall apart under harsh UV conditions and are manufactured for both out door and indoor use.
Choose a repair or adhesive that fits your needs wether it be for deck, hardware ,
boat or yacht knowing they are fully water resistant.


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General Adhesive Cleaner
Hippo PatchGets you back in action fast! Seal virtually any leak with the HIPPO PATCH. Whether you have a leak in your pool boat, tent or rain gutter, the Hippo Patch will surely fix it and for good! The only thing you need is a pair of scissors. As Hippo Patch is a peal and stick product, it is very easy to use. Just cut a piece of the strip in the size of your leak, peal off release liner, and simply stick the product on. IT WILL SEAL THE LEAK IMMEDIATELY, no curing time is required.
Marine Adhesive
REEL XThe best thing that's happened to your fishing reel since you took it out of the box! ReelX is the new, hi-tech, extreme-pressure lubricant that stops and prevents wear, corrosion and rust. It contains no wax, tar, silicone or other solids; So It Can't Gum-Up. Outperforms all other lubricants, displaces moisture, and WON'T HARM MONOFILIMENT.
Rejex Protector
Rescue tapeRescue Tape® is a self-bonding silicone tape with no adhesive. When stretched and wrapped under tension, it instantly bonds to itself, creating an air-tight, water-tight seal that's resistant to oils, fuels, acids, solvents, salt water, road salt, and UV rays, and takes minutes or even seconds to permanently fuse together. It never gets gummy or sticky like electrical tape or duct tape and resists temperatures up to 500° F.
Transparent Duck tapeScotch® Transparent Duct Tape makes your repair less obvious. It will not fall apart in extreme temperatures of harsh UV conditions like other all-purpose duct tapes. Scotch® Transparent Duct Tape is water and UV resistant for both indoor and outdoor use. It has been created with easy lengthwise and crosswise 'tear-by-hand' convenience, making the tape user friendly. Unlike many other types of duct tape, Scotch® Transparent Duct Tape unwinds and separates easily, even when the sticky sides meet.
Vina bondVyna Bond is a strong flexible vinyl contact adhesive that can be brushed or spread onto an an application that needs repair. Repair large holes , tears, rips by using the enclosed patch and apply Vyna bond to both surfaces Vyna Bond will also repair pool liners, even under water .
vinyl leather repairVLP is a clear, high strength, flexible adhesive, designed to mend small rips, Tears and small holes on most types of vinyl & leather material. A repair made with VLP is stronger than the original vinyl or leather material. This air dry formula dries clear and blends with colored materials and is easy to use. VLP actually dissolves the surface of the vinyl creating an excellent bond.
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